10 ways to lose weight fast

10 ways to lose weight fast


If you wanna lose weight quickly it is important to follow certain rules and lifestyle, being able to adapt to a healthy eating habit, avoiding foods rich in fat, frozen foods and alcohol are full of empty calories dangerous for the body.

Practicing physical exercise can really optimize and supports metabolic activity, regulate sleep and help lose weight fast and finally feel better with yourself.

These are 10 ways to follow if you wanna get visible results and lose weight fast.

1. Drink more water and lose more weight.

ways to lose weight fast
Drinking plenty of water allows you to have a perfectly hydrated and well-functioning organism, daily intake of water at least 2 litters of water drains excess fluids and will help lose weight fast.

In a survey conducted on 50 people in diet, by the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences lead to a conclusion that drinking 2 cups of water before every meal allows you to eat less and feel satiated and so lose weight easily.

The study found out that the first group of 25 lost over two kilos more than the other because drinking water before meals took 75 to 90 calories less during meals,

However, those who maintained this habit after the experiment continued to lose weight, while those who did not continue to drink before meals gained weight.

60% of the times we feel thirsty, we respond by eating instead of drinking, so beware of fake hunger signals and always keep yourself hydrated whenever you can squeeze half lemon in a cup of warm water every morning, on an empty stomach it helps deflate the belly and lose weight.

Other ways to get yourself back in good shape is constant dedication to physical activity, carried out if possible every day at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, there are different type of physical training to practiced steadily in order to achieve tangible goals, exercises like running, trekking bicycle riding will help you burn calories without being too much tired

2. Lose weight riding bike

Bike riding allows you to lose weight in the legs, buttocks, and stomach, in short,  a slimming effect on the whole body. Getting around by bike takes no more than sitting in the car or public transportation, so start choosing the bike to go to work, school, shopping… because few kilometers a day and not at a very high speed can help lose weight.

An hour spent on a bike with a very slow rate burns about 4 kcal per kilogram for someone who weights the average of 60 kg could, therefore, manage to dispose 240 calories, but if you want to get faster results, you will have to increase the speed to 15 kilometers per hour, to burn 130 calories in 20 minutes.

Riding uphill burns a lot of calories in a short time and increases resistance, if it gets hard, try riding on your feet, it increases heart rate and that burn calories very fast and also strengthen your triceps, shoulder and trunk muscles

if it winters you can use the exercise bike, this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight at home anytime. It can be a bit boring, do it while watching your favorite series or headphones on music in and go.

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3. Fitwalking easiest way to burn fat

Walking is an easy activity especially for those who have problem with joints or very overweight if practice regularly at a fast speed the whole body benefits from it.

If you´ve not been moving so much lately just  take it easy, warm up and then start walking slowly, for 10 minutes at a medium pace and then continue increasing the minutes and walking speed gradually.

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To burn fat and lose up to 300 calories, it is necessary to maintain a speed of 5- 6 km / h for 50 minutes at least, after a 10-minute warm-up walking at a natural speed. To obtain great result move arms back and forth to the rhythm of your steps, You will consume more calories and work your oblique abdominal.

When exercising always bring a bottle of water with you, wear comfortable shoes, get yourself a fitness tracker to keep track of calories consumed, heart rate, kilometer traveled and the intensity of the training.

4. Running is the fastest way to get fitted

Running is an excellent solution to lose weight and invigorates stomach, waist, and leg, especially or those who have to lose fat mass, if you are trained, you can start burning fat after just a few minutes.

However, if you have not been involved in sports for a long time, it important to start with moderation to avoid joint and muscle pains, because the body needs time to get used to this type of effort.

The right way is alternating moments where you are running to moments where you are walking, it is important not to be out of breath while you run and not finish the race exhausted. Buy a heart rate monitor, wear appropriate shoes and set reasonable goals, start running 3 to 4 days a week, for a month.

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To see tangible and fast results, ideally, you should run every day for 30 minutes minimum without stopping, to lose 5 kg in a month. In this way, you will activate the circulation, eliminate toxins and excess waste. To be very effective you must also follow a certain lifestyle avoiding packaged foods or food containing high sugar level

During the training the body take the necessary energy from fat and carbohydrate, but the first immediate energy source used is the carbohydrate, while the fat is used more slowly, so if you want to lose weight you need to be patient, because our body burns fat more slowly than carbohydrate, turning them into energy for the muscle, if you have brittle bones and joint  overweight this is not the sport for you, you may want to start with fit walking.

5. Pills to lose weight fast – drugs or supplement?

There are a lot of pills out here with the promise of losing weight fast but not all are healthy as you may think, many contain mixtures of different substances that shouldn’t be mix together, therefore there are so dangerous for the body, it very important to know the different between drugs and common natural supplements to help alongside a healthy diet.

Watch out for Drugs like sibutramine, orlistat (also called Xenical), they stimulate the sense of satiety, reducing food consumption, but also comes with different side effects like hypertension, tachycardia, palpitation, incontinence, oily excrement, flatulence.

These drugs have been banned from the market, as the potential damage to the health would exceed the possible benefits, but there are still a lot of them online illegal. In some countries where it not yet banned, they can only be used under doctors prescription.

Always read the ingredient on the container to ensure that none of these dangerous drugs are on it, in that way you can find the right pills, choose preferably supplements derived from natural products like fiber herbs and minerals

The best natural supplements are caffeine, garcinia cambogia extract, Hydroxycut, chromium picolinate, chitosan., if you need an effective result, just to follow a healthy balanced diet.

6. keto diet – the fast way to lose weight

The ketogenic diet is unbalanced and highly restrictive diet without carbohydrate but rich in protein, the purpose of this diet is to send the body into ketosis, leaving it without no sugar and forced to take energy from fat reserves. Not only are the obvious sugars found in sweets banned from the diet, but also in fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, pizza, barley, potatoes, etc…

The keto diet is very harsh on the body, but it also works so good and can quickly get in perfect shape, but cannot be followed for a long time, follow only if you don’t have any health issues.

7. The plank diet- get quick results in 2 weeks

This is a very rigid high in protein and low calories diet that must be followed only for a short period, this diet will make you lose up to 9kg in just two weeks and you can actually maintain the weight reached for at least three years, without further diets or sacrifices, due to a general change in the metabolism.

Food such as rice, bread, pasta, vinegar, refined sugar, fatty meats and fish like herring or salmon, even vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower etc

Fruits are OK but not more than 150-200 g a day except for grapes and bananas, those are prohibited

I advise you to consult a nutrition specialist to know if they won’t be contraindications cause this is not a regular diet, let see an example of an original Plank diet

First day: – coffee without sugar as much as you like for breakfast

2 boiled eggs, Spinach with a pinch of salt for lunch

1 Big pan-fried or grilled steak with celery and fennel salad for dinner

Second day coffee without sugar for breakfast.

one large steak, salad, and fruit for lunch

cooked ham and an orange for dinner

Third day Black coffee without sugar and some bread for breakfast

Two boiled eggs, salad, and tomatoes for lunch

cooked ham and salad for dinner

Fourth day – black coffee without sugar and a slice of bread for breakfast

one boiled egg, carrots(boiled or raw).and Swiss cheese for lunch

250g of low-fat yogurt and any fruit of your choice for dinner

Fifth day – lemon, carrots, and black coffee for breakfast

– steamed tomatoes and fish for lunch

– one big steak with a side of salad for dinner

Sixth day – black coffee and some slice of bread for breakfast

– grilled chicken for lunch

– 2 boiled egg and carrots as much as you like for dinner

Seventh day – tee with lemon juice for breakfast

– one grilled steak and any kind of fruit for lunch

– whatever you want for dinner

Repeat this for one more week and you can finally go back to eating normally, good luck but also try to keep a balanced and healthy diet, so as not to recover the weight loss.


8. Spicy food reduce calorie quickly

spicy food slightly increases the release of stress hormones like adrenaline into the body. This can speed up the metabolism and the ability to burn calories. Eating chili or peppers can help not to raise the glycemic index too much at the end of meals.

chilly is an excellent source of vitamin A, B, and c, but also contains, iron, potassium calcium, and magnesium, it is an excellent antioxidant, reduces cholesterol and improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

Don’t forget to include other stimulating spices like ginger, turmeric, black pepper, oregano in your diet are also fat burning food.

9. Lose weight with cinnamon, honey, and lime.

Cinnamon is also an excellent ingredient for weight control and ideal for a healthy weight loss but must be combined physical activity.

Mix the cinnamon with honey and lemon in a cup of boiling water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening after dinner. This solution purifies and keeps weight under control.

10. Fasting slows down metabolism.

skipping meals will not help, rather make it worst depriving of the energies you need to face the day, rely on fruits and vegetable and approach food with slimming properties.

Do not wait more than 3 to 4 hours without eating because skipping meals only makes you fat, even more than when you started and can also cause a different type of metabolic disorder like diabetes, heart problem, etc

If you have any more suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. Thank you for reading 🙂



































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