First weeks preschool enrollment- Expectations, personal experiences & tips

First weeks preschool enrollment- Expectations, personal experiences & tips

When it comes to sending children to kindergarten, it can be a very traumatic experience for both the kid’s and the parents, especially if sent before the age of 3.

first day of nursery school personal experience

In my case, I had to go back to work and didn´t have a choice than to send my daughter (18monhs old) reluctantly to preschool.

The good news for we working mums is that after the age of one and a half years, children adapt more easily to novelties, they manage to socialize better and to appreciate games together with their peers.

Most of the time this experience is much more unsettling for we parent, we have to get used to the idea of entrusting our kid’s to the care of others we don’t really know.

That is why the integration into nursery school concerns not only the baby but the whole family, you will need to know the childcare workers better and learn to trust them.

The baby will also learn how to let go of you and explore, he will get in contact and familiarize with the new environment.

This is a gradual process that can take up to 2 months and it is divided into stages, let go throw them.

Discovering with family

This is the first stage where you will be there with your child and reassure him or her that all is fine, accompany him to discover rooms, peoples toys.

Make yourself comfortable, to give the child a sense of safety and tranquility.


  • Follow the advice and instruction of the childcare worker
  • Do not replace the educator, if the baby comes to you re-direct attention toward his or her personal nursery teacher.

This stage can last up to a week for a period of 30 minutes to an hour and then you leave the school together.

Exploring all alone the new environment.

This is the phase where the child remains alone with the nursery school teacher, the baby may experience separation anxiety.

However, in the long run, the child gets used to the teachers and will understand that you are not abandoning him and that you will come back to get him.


  • Do not leave without saying goodbye
  • keep your greeting quick but lovely
  • Reassure the baby and tell him you will soon be back

Mealtime at nursery school

Children need to eat at the kindergarten, the mealtime is a moment to connect and  communicate with the teachers and also learn hygienic, nutrition and finally learn how to eat on their own.

It may happen that some kid’s don’t want to eat, in this case, don’t panic, the teachers are still strangers, just give it time, ( mostly if the child is eating quite willingly at home). It is normal every child has different ways and time in accepting changes.

Kindergarten sleeping routine

This is when the baby has to sleep at the nursery school, this routine is of fundamental importance for kid’s and educators, it allows them to have a period to “recharge” their energies, change and rearrange shifts.

There is a connection between a good rest and a kid’s temperament, been able to sleep is a positive indicator of children’s well-being in the nursery.

Naptime is one of the most important activities in school, for those who remain at daycare till evening and even for those who come out as soon as they wake up.


  • Adapt the baby’s routine such as breakfast lunch and nap to the nursery school-time.
  • Bring with you baby’s favorite stuffed animal to  sleeps with or something with your smell

If your child successfully pass these 4 stages, at this point that he/she can till the evening, don’t feel bad if your kid is taken longer getting used to the nursery school, all kid’s are not the same and there all have their time


  • You have to trust the educators
  • Always ask the teacher how the day went, ask questions about eating, sleeping, new friends’ etc..
  • It is important to speak at home with your child about his day at the school, in that way you also can be part of his nursery school life
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes of exclusive attention to your kid after school, turn off any electronic gadgets that can cause distraction.

The first weeks of the nursery can be really tiring and emotional, it is so common for kid’s to have a sleeping problem, loss of appetite, crying, etc.. But with all your support and patience everything will be fine.

I hope you enjoyed the article if you have something else to add please don’t hesitate to leave comments below and thank you so much for reading.





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