Get healty and stay healthy- Natural tips

Get healty and stay healthy- Natural tips


Many of us are carried away with busy schedules, overload with daily activities and most of the time we leave out the very essential thing we need, to function! , “our health”.  It is very important to stop and take a few minutes of your lives to reflect on how your bad habits can ruin your life in the long run. Taking time to upgrade the quality of your life for better, is a great investment for your future.

To feel good and get healthy takes time, consistency and sacrifices, but don’t be too much hard on yourself by setting goals higher than your capacity. If u have decided to take control over your life, u have to know it a gradual process. Rome was not built in a day”! so my dear, keep it steady and slow to get healthy and stay healthy, and before u know, u will definitely start seeing results, getting better day by day,-

The reasons u need to switch to a healthy lifestyle

  • Well, taking care of your health gives a life of serenity and internal well-being, both body and soul will benefit from it!
  • When u stay healthy, most likely your weight will always be under control as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol, boosting up your immune system.
  • It prevents from many sorts of bad diseases and sicknesses like diabetes, cancers, obesity, stroke etc..
  • Studies have shown that diets full of carbohydrates rich in saturated fats are associated with anxiety and depression. When u take care of yourself from the inside, it reflects on the outside, your skin will look healthy, smooth and shining.
  • A healthy lifestyle helps to stay strong and keeps energy level up throughout the day.
  • If are having sleeping problems, keep in mind that what you eat and when you eat it, reflects on the amount of rest u can get.

When no health, nothing else matters, your work will be taking over immediately by the next available colleague, you won’t be able to spend quality time with your loved ones, even the little normal tasks of daily routine would be hard to accomplish. It is never too late to start working on yourself, focusing on making the right choices that will benefit your well-being, you’ve got this, u can do it… If u ready to get healthy and get yourself going to next level, where u are aware of the responsibility u have towards your body in and out. you owe it to yourself! These are the steps to take order to archive goals.

Water gives life, drink a lot of it!

Most part of our body is composed of 70% of water, drinking plenty of it is definitely a lifesaver, three days is how far u can go without it. The body needs 2,5 Litters of water to stay healthy daily. Just like Vitamins and minerals, it did not contain any sort of organic nutrients nor calorie.

Water can get easily contaminated, u need to be very careful on the kind of water your drink, even the boiled tape water for cooking, making tea, drinking, etc. Is not 100% save, because boiling it, just kills the microorganisms but not the chemicals present in it, the absence of minerals make it not portable for drinking.

Drinking the appropriate amount of water daily can bring great benefits to your life

  1. It slows down your aging process!
  2. It keeps the skin soft, glowing and fresh.
  3. It helps the body to get rid of toxins and waste, through liver, kidneys, and sweating.
  4. It serves as a protective pad for the brain and spinal cord.
  5. It boosts up your immune system.
  6. It helps to prevent headaches and cramps.
  7. If u are on training, it helps to lose weight faster.
  8. It can help relieve constipation.
  9. It regulates body temperature.
  10. It prevents from kidney illness.

Sport makes you sexy – get up and get healthy!

Yeah, that right, doing sports makes u toned and elastic, keeping the body weight under control. Sport is needed daily when possible, if you’ve never practiced physical activity, you will want to take it slows and steady when starting, at least three times a week. It no News anymore, everyone knows that sport is good for the body, but not everyone knows how beneficial sports can be in our life daily. Here is why including sport on your weekly routine.

  1. It has a positive impact on blood circulation.
  2. It an anti-aging method.
  3. When muscles are stronger, you feel less body pain.
  4. When joints are flexible, it is less joint pain related to Arthritis, when getting older.
  5. Sport is also good for the neuronal activity, it releases endorphins that interact with the receptors in the brain, that can reduce the perception of pain, it can also give the body a sensation of well-being and positive feeling.
  6. It has helped a lot, suffering from depression.
  7.  Sexual life can really benefit from it, exercise like aerobic can increase man desire!
  8. Women who practice sports experience lower level of pain, during menstruation
  9. It makes us breathe better.

Exercise makes make you feel good with yourself, it increases charisma and when happy with yourself you are definitely going to be happy with people around you, with more confidence to go out there and break it. If you can find time to exercise 5 to 10 minutes daily, believe me, your life won’t be the same.

Say no! to junk food! It poisonous for your entire body

Following a healthy and balanced diet prevents from different type of sickness, like liver disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes and so on. Treat your body as you would manage a holy place, don’t eat just for the sake of eating, know what you introduce to the body, confirmed their origin and quality.

There are a lot of junk foods out there, for cheap prices most of the time they are unhealthy food industrialized and process. Fast foods, energy drink, ready frozen food, hot dogs, chocolate, packaged ice creams, etc. These are food that contains saturated fats, with a high level of salt and sugar, preservatives, sulfur dioxide, chemicals to prevent against fermentation, additives, refined white flour, all sort of toxic ingredients that can cause big damage to the entire body.

If u wants to eat healthily and cheap, the best way is to do it yourself, in the comfort of your home, choosing fresh ingredients that Include plenty of vegetables and fruit daily. No more than three tablespoons of oil to cook a day, and avoid eating in the late hours of the day.

Consume less alcohol, Coffee, and cigarette

These are three suicidal weapons for the body, not to talk of the combination, a real lethal mix, that affects the blood pressure, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Alcohol causes digestive disorder, loss of balance, addiction, halitosis. Excessive use is a huge risk to the health and safety of the person and people around. Drinking too much coffee causes ulcers, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems. Cigarettes are very harmful for the respiratory system, the lungs, skin, arteries, venous, appetite.

To live a healthy life and stay healthy, it is better to avoid certain habits, especially people at their middle age (45-60), though to quit is not that easy, it’s not something that happens from one day to another, it takes time. The consumption of these substances should be used responsibly, not more than a cup or two of wine, two cups coffee and two cigarettes per day.


Sleeping!  Get enough rest daily.

Eight hours is typically the amount of sleep time recommended for an adult in order to face the day, with a high level of energy and live longer. When you don’t get enough rest, It affects the brain negatively causing tiredness, low level of concentration, it reduces the ability to think positive, symptoms related to depression. To sleep better avoid sleeping with lights on, use earplugs if neighbors are lousy, avoid doing sports after dinner.

Your Environment has a big impact on your health.

The environment can influence human health in various ways, with pollutants, chemical agents, noise, electromagnetic fields, ultraviolet, etc. Air pollution is a current environmental problem that contributes to the appearance of tumors, heart disease, bronchitis and asthma, the exposure can be comparable to that of passive smoking. Having the possibility to live in Green environments is much better, it has multiple benefits for physical and mental Wellbeing. One last thing, but not less important, always keep your environment clean.





You’ve got this, get healthy and stay healthy.

Following these instructions won’t be easy at the beginning, at some point, you will be willing to quit, but with focus and keeping your body going, you will soon get used to it, that will drastically change your quality of life for good, and wouldn’t want to change lifestyle, because the benefits that come with it, doubles your lifetime.

I hope this was useful and if you have any questions about this article or you want to share your own personal experience, leave comments down below!


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