How to get baby sleep through the night- Tips you need to know.

How to get baby sleep through the night- Tips you need to know.

The average amount of time needed to sleep in order for the body to function is about 7-8 hours but being a parent, we all know  that itis impossible, mostly if you are just at the beginning of parenting.

Right from day 1, babies sleeping patterns are made to frustrate parents, they confuse day time to nighttime when you finally want to close your eye and get some rest, that when the baby wants to eat, play and stay with you.

With my daughter I set up a routine right from the second month, where I would bathe her at 7 pm and feed her at 7.30 pm and in between 8 to 8:30 pm I would cradle her and most of the time she would fall asleep on my arms.

When she falls into a deep sleep then I can finally take her to her bed hoping to have 2-3 hours of peace, normally she wakes up in between eleven and 12 to feed, if I’m lucky, she will fall asleep immediately after feeding and I will put her back in bed, so she gets used to sleeping alone.

But there are days when I am very tired and after midnight I would take her to sleep with me, she cries less and we both can have a good night sleep.

I know many are against co-sleeping, they think babies can suffocate, but that not true, researches show that newborns are designed to protect their mouth and nostrils in sleep-sharing situations, and that how many people around the world have been raised. My daughter will wake up frequently in the night to feed, and that the reality we all are facing as new parents, co-sleeping makes it easier for me to deal with it whenever I got really tired

However, babies are not the same, there is no single rule that one can use for all kids, what might work for me, may not work for you, they’re also kids who will sleeps all night right from their birth but in most cases newborn sleeps not more than 3 hours in their first 3 months of life.

The great news is that as they grow up, their sleep cycles will always be longer, after the first six months, you will notice great changes, and from this age babies will go through a significant development that will make their sleep longer and more relax and this is the best time to start helping her to sleep on her own through the night.

Here are some tricks you might want to insert in your daily schedules to help your little one get enough rest.

– Create a regular bedtime routine

A regular routine repeated every night, in the same order can lead to incredible results, the first step is a warm bath (38°) for at least 15 – 20 minute, then breastfeed the baby an hour before putting him to bed.

It important to sing songs and read stories to your little pie, in that way he will understand it is time to sleep, put the baby in the crib, you can remain beside him in silence and give him caress on his back before you know the child will adapt to this routine without suffering.


– You will need a good sleeping environment.

It is important that babies sleep in a comfortable environment, a room with soft light, electronics gadget turned off and a pleasant temperature, the ideal is in between 20 to 24 degrees during the day and between 18 to 20 degrees at night

In winter turn off the heater before evening so the house can cool off, cause kids at night still sweats, all they need is thick pajamas or wearable blankets

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– No more Pacifier at night

it is true that pacifiers make life easier for we parent, but at some point you just have to get rid of them, in my personal experience, my daughter at six months, she would wake me up every hour because she had lost her pacifier, she was beginning to have the awareness of the surrounding environment, and had started creating a deeper bond with the pacifier. I started reducing paci gradually from six to one which I cut off the tip, and within 3 days she lost interest in pacifiers.

children don’t need pacifiers as soon as they start crying, they just need to learn how to soothe themselves, go into the room if the cry is too much, let him know you there for him, a hug and a cuddle can reassure a crying baby.

-A balanced diet and no more exiting substances

Always chose a balanced diet, foods containing fiber and tryptophan, a precursor of melatonin, such as white meat, bluefish, green vegetables, legumes and cereals and sufficient amount of water during the day.

Avoid exciting substances after 4 pm, No tea, coca cola or chocolate or that contains too much sugar

keep electronics gadget out of the bedroom

the best thing to do is to always switch off tablets, televisions and other devices after dinner, at least an hour before going to bed,

The light that comes out from TV, tablets, computer, and smartphones has the same effect on the brain as the sun; it inhibits the production of melatonin, a sleeping hormone that carries out the task of regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

Stop cradling to sleep, it is not helpful

Rocking babies to sleep is an important practice during the first month of their life, the rocking makes the child feel protected and also helps him when he has colic,

cradling can be replaced gradually by other types of ritual, it important in a specific phase of its growth that the child learns how to fall asleep autonomously, I think 6 months six months it is the right time.

it will not be easy because there will be so much crying for the first few days, but if you hold on, in a week your child will get used. If he cries too much go into the room in silence, caress him and give him a kiss to reassure him.

I hope I have been of help if you have personal ideas and experiences do not hesitate to share down below thanks for reading



2 thoughts on “How to get baby sleep through the night- Tips you need to know.

  1. Hello; the tips you have given on how to get baby to sleep will prove beneficial to some new parents as well as repeat parents. I do agree with you that all baby’s do not behave in the same way. I have sleeping issues as well as some other problems with only one of my foster children.

     At two months old, She cries for everything unless she is eating or sleeping. I never gave a pacifier to any of them. I sing them to sleep at nights. I feed them at six and ten Pm. Two and six are because I go to bed between eleven pm and twelve midnight. 

    I start to potty train from three months, by the time they are six months old, they cry painfully when they need to release their body. Only one was different. 

    Thanks for helping.


    1. yes having a steady routine is what needed in order to get a baby to sleep all night, they get used to the system, at 8 pm my daughter is already yawning just waiting for bedtime stories if she is really tired  she will fall as soon I leave her bed.   pacifiers are what I won’t be needing for my next child, I know it may be hard at the beginning, what I know for sure  is that  the baby won’t even notice the different

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